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Passionate souls.

Competitions will always replicate your compensation. but competition will never replicate your culture. In the past employees earned to exhibit now employees earn to experience. Employee is always asking for more (Dil Maange More . . .) More to learn, More freedom to think, More hours to socialize, More speed to solutions, More time to understand, More feedback to churn……in short More Experiences and Employees are our best weapon to compete, How can we say No?? We are a boutique employee experience management firm, which believes in curating employee experiences and building fond memories

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" # n represents an unknown value of infinite possibilities "

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"# n reflects our nostalgic fond Memories"

- ,

"# n (and) reflects the connect in popular culture (rock n roll) in the same ways as experiences n fond memories"

- ,

"# n (and) reflects the precarious pregnant pause of expectation ‘what next?’"

- ,

"# n represents an subatomic particle Neutron, which enables fission (chain reaction)"

- ,

"# n resounds our promise to deliver a curated experience of lifetime"

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So What . . . We are "experts" in work in progress


Megh Risaldar

Founder - Chief Experience Officer a.k.a. Mental in-the list


K Srinivas Rao

Co-Founder - Chief ‘idiot’ Ideator


The Sherlock

Chief “mental’ Mentor

How we work.

We have often realised that post delivery of an experience, the feedback isn’t very exciting and that often led us to confusion or disappointment or angry believing that whatever we do we can’t make our stakeholders excited and there is a Fault in our Stars. The Truth is Fault is not in our Stars but our Mindset and Approach, more than often we design an experience considering what we want or what we believe will make sense rather than evolving the same around the needs and aspirations of the stakeholder.

The Science behind the Madness is a unique approach which Team nABLE has perfected over the years, inspired from Design Thinking it a simple 5 step process.

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01. Empathise

Spend time around talking or observing the stakeholder and his / her surroundings and look for the ‘Magic Moments’ which bring joy / excitement / ecstasy to them. Look for ‘elements’ in them which can be replicated and make a note of them

02. Define

Understand the organisation culture, its belief systems, values and vision and define a broad charter of Do’s and Don’t for any experience. Conversations with key influencers in the system will also help to understand what is liked and disliked by the organisation culture ethos and define the same

03. Ideate

Based on the data points from empathise and define what will be expected and accepted. Once the ideas are shortlisted, each idea biography is crafted which basically answers the questions Why, How, When, Where and most critical what experiences will the stakeholder experience. Post approvals from the stakeholders / influencers the idea freezes.

04. Execute with Precision

Experience is all about execution with perfection and the team shifts focuses on the same. More than often different experts from various fields come to deliver a experience and program management and expectation setting is the key to ensure the experience is seamless.

05. Feedback

What went right and what could have been done better is the key to improve the process and build robustness, feedback is also taken on to check the degree of adventure that the stakeholder is ready for in the next experience.

Join us.

We are hiring interns who believe they are misfits and can create magic, who believe they can change this world by making it better with each new experience, who hate watches when they are ideating and executing and who have enough pocket money coming from their parents as we are still below poverty line

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Share your idea and get game with name and fame

You have a idea for creating a ‘wow’ experience at workpalce. No Matter, how big or a small they are, just pen down and if we use them as part of solutioning we will share the credit with you both in terms of Name, Fame and of Course Bank Balance

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