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Listening Org – Graffiti Pillars

Listening Organisations are becoming a extinct, organisations are working on the philosophy of sharing rather than listening and this situation is getting grave as we are closing the ‘safety valve ‘ on pressure cookers

Building Listening Forums across organisation without intruding into personal spaces of employees and without calendarised events is not only an art but also need of the hour. Graffiti Pillars was a outcome of this need, all organisations have pillars and more than often we see them as a obstruction but using them as a Graffiti boards where in employees can express their feelings and frustrations was the key. The broad campaign was build around the mantra ‘listening is a key pillar’ and core values for business. Employees were encouraged to express and Leaders will walk once in a week to read them, all CCTV cameras around the pillars were moved away to give extra confidence that no one is watching, best messages were published in the newsletter etc.


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